Indonesia’s bustling metropolis, Jakarta, is steeped in history and culture, offering visitors an array of distinctive sites to explore. Check out our list of the city’s top attractions below.


The enormous Monas, also known as the National Monument, is situated at the heart of Merdeka Square. It was constructed in remembrance of Indonesia’s fight for freedom and serves as a representation of the nation’s patriotic zeal. Tourists have the option of ascending to the summit of the monument using an elevator, where they can relish spectacular vistas of the metropolis.

Kota Tua (Old Town)

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Kota Tua, which means Old Town, is a part of Jakarta that has a rich historical significance as it served as the hub of Dutch colonial administration. The locality boasts of numerous Dutch colonial structures and museums that have been maintained well and is a bustling spot for street markets and food stalls. Exploring the area on foot or bicycle is a brilliant idea.

Istiqlal Mosque & Jakarta Cathedral

Istiqlal Mosque photo by jatmiko_why

The Istiqlal Mosque, which has exquisite architectural designs, is the biggest mosque in Southeast Asia, having the capacity to hold more than 120,000 devotees.

Jakarta Cathedral photo by saigon_yukari

Situated in close proximity is the Jakarta Cathedral, a remarkable neo-gothic church that was constructed in the latter part of the 1800s.

Pasar Baru

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Pasar Baru, situated in Jakarta, is one of the most ancient markets which is very lively and active. This market is renowned for its authentic Indonesian garments, textiles, as well as its local cuisine and street food.

Skye Bar

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Skye Bar is situated on the 56th storey of BCA Tower and is a rooftop bar that provides magnificent city skyline views. It serves as an excellent spot to relish a drink while enjoying the sunset.

Sunda Kelapa Port

Sunda Kelapa Port, an ancient harbor established in the 13th century, remains operational to this day, with traditional wooden schooners bustling about, transporting goods. Visitors can witness this activity firsthand. Additionally, the port houses the Maritime Museum, an exhibition that offers a glimpse into Indonesia’s diverse naval history.

Glodok (Jakarta’s Chinatown)

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Glodok, a neighborhood of Jakarta, is brimming with energy due to its brightly hued buildings and bustling street markets. It is renowned for its delectable street cuisine and its shops that sell traditional Chinese remedies.

There are various extraordinary locations in Jakarta that one can visit. Regardless of one’s preferences, be it historical or cultural, or simply enjoying the vibrant ambiance of the city, Jakarta has something to offer for all.